Virginia has many different ways to handle property and finances after death. If you have a Will and Estate Plan properly prepared to take advantage of these areas, your heirs may be able to avoid formal probate (i.e., court involvement) completely. The key to this process is to have an Estate Plan in place and to make sure that your documents are drafted properly.

A well-prepared Last Will and Testament will give you the most assurance you can have your financial assets and family heirlooms passed to your loved ones of your choosing. Estate planning documents will also make sure that your minor children and grandchildren are properly cared for after your passing, even in unexpected circumstances.

We can assist you in preparing your Will and Estate Plan. Contact the office for more information and details about how to get started.


(Financial, Health Care and Child Care)

A Power of Attorney allows another to make financial decisions, medical decisions or both for you. You can set up a Power of Attorney to work only if you are incapacitated, only for a specific event (such as a real estate closing while you are unavailable) or the Power of Attorney can be drafted to be effective all of the time. Contact the office to set up a conference to have a Power of Attorney done for you or your loved one.

Advanced Medical Directive

An Advanced Medical Directive to physicians (in other states it is referred to as a Living Will or Directive) allows you to make specific decisions about whether or not you wish to use certain types of advanced health care methods (i.e., artificial breathing machines, intravenous feeding, dialysis treatment, etc.) if you are terminally ill or in an irreversible medical condition. The specific directions you set forth in a directive to physicians overrides the medical power of attorney and makes sure that your wishes are carried out by another even if you are medically unable to communicate these decisions. You would appoint another person to carry out your decision(s).

Don’t put off taking care of your own future needs. None of us knows when our lives might dramatically change.


Probate is the process by which you settle any debts and transfer any assets of a deceased family member or loved one. If you are dealing with an estate or about to undertake the probate process for a loved one’s estate, contact the office to set up a consultation to discuss the Virginia probate process. This can likely save you and the estate both time and money.

Please contact us so we can assist you with your estate planning. 

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